Frequently Asked Questions
What do you do?
HostPros is a comprehensive short-term rental (STR) management company focused on higher-end properties, larger properties, and vacation-centric markets. Our goal is for our clients not to have to do anything except collect a check every month.

Once you have a property that’s ready to rent (more below on finding and furnishing properties) we’ll do the rest:
  • Onboarding
    • Several of our team members do detailed walkthroughs of the property to make sure it meets our standards, will meet our guests’ standards, and that we are prepared to address any issues that may arise
    • We create physical and digital guidebooks/house manuals
    • Create the listing for Airbnb (and other platforms when appropriate)
    • Purchase any additional supplies needed (billed to owner)
    • Professional photography (included in onboarding fee)
  • Ongoing Management
    • Pricing
    • Communication with guests before, during, and after their stay
    • Reviewing guests
    • Cleaning
    • Restocking supplies
    • Coordinating both preventative and responsive maintenance (billed to owner)
    • Coordinating landscaping, snow removal, and pest prevention
      Send out monthly statements and disburse net earnings
What don’t you do?
  • We are not realtors and cannot represent you in a transaction. We do offer services to help find and evaluate potential properties (more info below).
  • We are not interior designers and do not furnish properties for clients, however we do have relationships with several excellent designers to whom we can refer you (more below).
  • The following services are NOT included in the start-up fee but may be offered by Host Pros on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee:
    1. Coordinating deliveries of furnishings, appliances, etc., and meeting delivery people to accept deliveries and installation.
    2. Coordinating and being present for installation and/or activation of any utilities, such as tv/internet/electric/gas/trash etc.
    3. Coordinating maintenance/construction/renovation work and other contractors/services, and meeting workers at the property.
    4. Registering the property with the appropriate local authorities.
    5. Paying local taxes, including occupancy taxes, in localities where the listing platform does not automatically do so. In cases where the occupancy taxes are not automatically remitted Host Pros will collect this tax from the guest and forward it to the Host, who will be responsible for filing and paying the taxes with local authorities.
What do you charge?
Our fee is 25% of the gross booking revenue (cleaning fees not included), and a one-time onboarding fee of $899.
Are there any other fees?
There are no other fees for our standard services, however property owners are still responsible for operating expenses like landscaping, snow removal, restocking supplies (toilet paper, coffee, sheets and towels, etc.), and maintenance.
What areas do you cover?
Our service area is anywhere within roughly an hour of Cleveland, including Sandusky to the west, Ashtabula County to the east, the greater Akron area, and of course greater Cleveland.
Can you help me find a property?

We do offer a property search service for an additional fee. If you ultimately purchase a property and hire us to manage it the search fee will be credited back to you against our fees. Contact us for more information.

Can you furnish the house for me?
At this time we do not offer furnishing services, however we do work with several interior designers that we highly recommend who know what we need and understand your goals as an investor. We strongly suggest that you work with an interior designer to furnish your property!
How much does it cost to furnish a house?
Of course it varies by property and one of our preferred designers can give you a more specific quote. Just for example though, a 3-bedroom house will probably cost $12,000 - $15,000 to furnish, plus the designer’s fee.
Are people really using Airbnbs in Cleveland? Why?
Yes! We honestly get people staying for every reason imaginable: business, sporting events, concerts, tourism, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Cleveland Clinic, visiting family, weddings, funerals, graduations… you name it!
Is Airbnb legal there?

Unfortunately short-term rental laws currently are different in every city. Please contact us to discuss specific locations.

If you’re an Ohio resident, please contact your state senators and representatives to voice your support for House Bill 563, which would prohibit local governments from treating STRs differently than LTRs.

What do you recommend for insurance?

Most major insurance companies offer STR riders on standard landlord policies. Airbnb also has coverage through their “aircover for Hosts” program which includes $1m of liability coverage, $1m of damage protection, and more. Some clients with high-end properties have chosen to purchase additional coverage from STR-specific insurance providers.

How do cleaning fees work?
Cleaning fees are billed directly to guests, and we pay the cleaners. The cleaning fee doesn’t affect your bottom line.

We deep clean every property on a quarterly basis as part of our quality control process. The extra time for routine deep cleans will be billed back to owners as an operating expense.
How did you get into this and when did you start managing Airbnbs?
We bought a fixer-upper in 2017 and during the rehab process decided to try listing it on Airbnb. It made a lot more money than a long-term rental but it was also a lot more work, so we started building systems and implementing technology to make it easier. Eventually we got to the point that we thought we could do it for other investors too, and in 2019 started HostPros and began offering our service.
How big is your company?
We currently manage over 50 units in Northeast Ohio.

In terms of people, we currently have five full-time people running the business, a dozen or so cleaners, and a large network of handymen and other skilled professionals to help us do what we do. We’re always looking to meet and hire more talented, service-oriented people!
How long is the contract?
Our standard contract allows us to take reservations up to 90 days out. For some properties in certain vacation-focused markets we will take reservations up to 180 days out. Contracts can be terminated any time but all existing reservations must be honored.
Can I still use the property?
Yes, many of our clients hire us to manage second homes or vacation homes that they use occasionally. Typically though most of the properties we manage are available to be rented at least 90% of the time.
What’s your average occupancy and nightly rate?
Occupancy and nightly rate both vary dramatically by time of year and between each unique property. Over the course of a year and across all of our properties we typically see occupancy a little over 70%.
Do you accept pets?
We do accept pets in some of our properties which are particularly well-suited for it.
Can I hire you to handle only the cleaning?
Sorry, but we do not offer any services a la carte.
Other questions?
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